Starting or growing a small business can be a daunting task, so many entrepreneurs want to learn, either through formal education or online resources. And it seems to pay off—small business owners who invest in training are more likely to grow.

SCORE’s latest infographic examines the growth of entrepreneurship training and sources for small business education.

Training rated more critical to success than new technologies or hiring employees:

  • 36% would seek ways to improve their skills
  • 32% would invest in new technologies
  • 28% intend to hire more employees

More college students are interested in entrepreneurship. Over the past 30 years:

  • The number of freshmen who want to be an entrepreneur has doubled
  • Degree offerings in entrepreneurship have grown by 5 times
  • Courses in entrepreneurship have grown approximately twentyfold

But most business owners do not have a 4-year college degree:

  • Did not complete high school: 5%
  • High school or GED: 20%
  • Associate’s degree: 14%
  • Some college: 17%
  • College graduate: 26%
  • Post-graduate degree: 18%

So, they use business resources and training online, including

Top 3 search topics on

  • Financial Templates
  • Business Plans & Strategy
  • Marketing/Sales

Top 3 training topics on

  • Starting Your Business
  • Developing a Business Plan
  • Marketing/Sales

SCORE is your source for entrepreneurship training. Besides mentoring, we offer small business workshops and a library of online templates, eguides, blogs and more.

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Infographic: Entrepreneurship Training

Infographic: Entrepreneurship Training